Farm Shop

In our cafe and shop you will find some fresh organic food, available for you to take home or chow down on in our cosy cafe. We produce the finest Aberdeen Angus beef and Texel lamb in the area that also meets the high standards of the Soil Association. Our shop has been open for almost ten years serving local residents and caters for educational programs for parents and children.


Grass fed organic beef and lamb

Home grown, organic, grass-fed beef and lamb

Aberdeen Angus beef & Texel lamb of the very highest quality direct from the farm. 100% grass fed. 100% organic certified by the Soil Association for your piece of mind.

Traditional cuts fresh and frozen, steak, burgers, etc. 

organic chicken pork bacon

Organic & free range chicken and pork

We stock a wide range of ethically farmed and organic chicken and pork. If you would like to buy meats that are full of flavour from animals farmed in a traditional way, then look no further!

Organic and free range whole chickens, Chicken fillets and chicken thighs.

Free range pork, smoked & unsmoked bacon, plain and flavoured pork sausage.

organic fruit vegetables local sustainable

Organic fruit and vegetables

We sell a huge range of organic fruit and vegetables throughout the year. From organic bananas to organic beetroot, we stock what is traditionally in season. Our network of farmers and growers help to sustain a level of produce to support us and our customers throughout the year.

Seasonal veg, seasonal fruit, constant health.


We stock a wide selection of organic dry, tinned and bottled groceries including rice, pasta, fruits, sauces etc. If you are looking to live with a healthy lifestyle then we can help you achieve your goals. We also stock a range of gluten free and diary free products.

Pasta, rice, sauces, biscuits, crisps, cheese, wine, chocolate, etc.